Never-seen Photos Of Bobrisky As A Boy


Never-seen photos of Bobrisky as a boy


Bobrisky is one of Nigerian’s very few transgender citizens. She boasts of her sex life, sells bleaching products and also documents her transition from a man to a woman on social media.


Growing up, he always enjoyed engaging in feminine activities like cooking. Crossdressing was also one of the things he loved to do. In May 2019, Bobrisky confirmed that his pronouns have changed from, he to she hence, when commenting on his photos, people should use the female pronoun. He also confirmed that men do not care about his gender anymore rather they focus on his beauty.



Bobrisky is an entrepreneur. Before his current business, he sold bleaching creams. He also made money as a dance choreographer during his university days. In October and November 2016, he emerged as the most searched individuals in Nigeria.

Lots of people have been searching for his pictures as a boy before his transformation. Here are few pictures of Bobrisky as a boy.

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