New evidence points to possible cause of the grisly Link bus accident

New Evidence Points To Possible Cause Of The Grisly Link Bus Accident

New evidence points to possible cause of the grisly Link bus accident

New evidence has pointed to what could have led to the grisly accident that left 20 people dead in Fort Portal a few weeks ago.

A Kampala bound bus , registration number UBA 003S belonging to Link bus company overturned at Ssebitoli, two kilometers from Fort Portal City along the Fort Portal –Kyenjojo road killing 20 people on spot.

The Works and Transport Minister Gen Edward Katumba Wamala pointed to human errors to have led to the accident.

“In the preliminary report, it is indicated that the road surface is very good since the road is still new. The road was also properly marked with all signs very clear. There was no fatigue on the side of the driver because he arrived in Bundibugyo the night before and slept well before embarking on the journey in the morning,” Gen Katumba said.

“All the tyres were new, having been manufactured in 2021. From the look of things and eyewitnesses, it looks more of a human error. “

According to new evidence from police CCTV cameras mounted on the road, the driver was on several occasions cruising at terrific speed right from Bundibugyo to the accident scene.

The driver was also on several occasions distracted by other people he was with in the cockpit and this could have contributed to the accident as he on several occasions lost concentration.

Drivers are advised not to have any other occupants in the cockpit to avoid being distracted which could lead to accident.

In the instant case, on several occasions, the driver of the ill-fated bus was captured on CCTV cameras in conversations with other members in the cockpit and he crossed his arms on several occasions as if to point to something to his colleague(s) in the cockpit.

He is at one time also seen speaking on phone whereas on other occasions he is seen driving using one arm as he uses the other for other things like emphasizing to people he was with in the cockpit.

This coupled with high speed could have contributed greatly to the grisly accident.

Whereas the evidence is not conclusive about the exact cause of the grisly accident, it is part of the evidence that investigators are using to come to the exact cause of the accident.

It points to mistakes that motorists make while on the road which could lead to accidents.

The evidence also underscores the role played by CCTV cameras not for only augmenting security in its fight against crime but also on the road.

With such evidence in form of CCTV footage available, in many cases, it can be used to dispose of disputes between motorists after accidents on the road.

It can also assist in reducing road accidents since the drivers and other motorists will now know that they are being watched and will consequently be disciplined while on the road.


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