Australian influencer quits social media after brands refused to work with her because of her body


An Australian social media influencer has decided to ‘take a break’ from Instagram this weekend after receiving a number of negative comments about her ‘real’ body.

Sydney model Ariella Nyssa, 22, said she had the ‘worst f***ing day’ on Thursday after opening up about modelling agencies ‘weighing her’ and then ‘rejecting’ her from their books.

She received a number of negative comments from some of her 250,000 followers who questioned whether she had a right to be angry.

‘I’ve had comments over the last few days stating “Just because you’re not hot enough to be a Victoria’s Secret angel you are having a whinge” and “You have to have a law degree to be a lawyer, just like you have to have a modelling body to be a model,” she said.

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Ariella said she would normally just ignore hateful comments but these made her particularly frustrated.

‘Some of these comments are f***ing ridiculous and shows exactly how much impact the industry and social media has on our minds,’ she said.

Who told you what a modelling body is? Who the f*** says what a modelling body is? Shouldn’t we all be represented? Shouldn’t we all feel beautiful enough to wear clothing from ALL brands?’

As a result of the hate comments she has decided to quit Instagram for a few days to relax.

‘I am just in shock… I am taking a little break from Instagram this weekend. I need to get off it, de-stress and not think about it because it has made me really angry and I am really obsessing over it,’ she said. 

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