Parents dump sons, 2 and 3, in homeless camp so they could get some rest

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Two little boys have been rescued from a homeless camp after being dumped there by their parents.

Three-year-old Andrey and his younger brother Maksim, 2, spent a week living with vagrants and drunkards in Zaporizhia, southern Ukraine.

Reports say the children were brought to the camp and left there by their parents ‘who wanted to get rid of them and get some rest’.

Homeless Sergey, 42, who ended up ‘babysitting’ the tots, said to local media: ”A young couple came and asked to look after their children.

“The boys were completely naked and barefooted.

“The parents said they would go to a shop to buy some food and be back in 20 minutes.

“Then they went away and never came back.”

During the next week the rough sleepers shared their small amounts of food with the dumped boys and kept an eye on them to prevent them from hurting themselves, according to local media.
On August 26 a female passerby, Olena Tashevska, accidentally spotted the toddlers among the tramps and alerted the police.

She said: “I had leisure time and went to the Dnipro river. I was looking for a place to sunbathe when I stumbled on the hobos’ camp.

“I was terrified to see two little boys lying there on filthy blankets. They were naked and extremely dirty.

“I immediately called the police.”

Officers arrived on the scene accompanied by an ambulance. While law enforcement interviewed the rough sleepers, paramedics examined and dressed the brothers.

Police spokeswoman Dina Kurnikova said: “The children lived like ‘Mowgli’ boys.

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