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Date: Saturday, 19th October 2019
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Pictures detailing Katie Price’s latest surgeries…

Katie Price’s latest face and eyelift looks seriously painful but that isn’t going to stop her hitting the hair salon to get her roots done.

The 41-year-old star has returned from Turkey after having more work done, including a facelift and a boob reduction, alongside fiancé Kris Boyson, who had a nose job.

But as she heals, the star’s swollen, bruised and cut face is clear to see, with the eyelift in particular leaving her eyes pulled tight.

The bloodied bandages completely surrounded her cheeks, chin and neck, with scabs forming around the edges of her ears following the procedure.

In one picture, she can be seen looking upset and wiping her face in the mirror. It’s reported that her youngest children Bunny, five, and Jett, four, were left in tears after failing to understand that the injuries were from injury – thinking someone had hurt their mum.

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‘Bunny and Jett thought something awful had happened to their mum as she was covered in blood and they could see the fresh scars,’ a source told The Sun Online.