Nigerian 'big Girls' Fight On The Street Of Benghazi, Libya (video)

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Nigerian ‘big girls’ fight on the street of Benghazi, Libya (video)

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Slams about 36 minutes ago

Yoruba prostitutes from Kwara, Oyo, Ondo and Osun state, who pretended they were going to work, Passed through sahara desert to Libya and have become full time prostitutes in Libya, Oman, Egypt, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon. This is what happen to a country with no future, The Young people have no alternative . Arabs see them as slaves and they prefer slavery than working at home. some even have parents who collect money from prostitution from them. My Freiend in Dubai told me that there are thousand Nigerian girls doing Prostitution in Dubai and that they are so shameless, when he told me one of the things they were saying, I can tell their tribe. It is a shame that Yoruba have seen Arab as a safe Haven, Edo girls sees Italy and Germany as their survival forte and Prostutution is their trade and Igbo girls while pretending to be big girst are prostituting both home and in US and Uk. although there are Yoruba Prostitutes in those Places also, but they pretend to be high class prostitutes. No class among whores, It is what the country has turned the morals of girls into. everything fall and rise on Leadership. they chase them out of their resources in the west to prostitute abroad and Fulani takes the whole money to build the North, even VAT WHICH IS A GOOD THING IS ANNOYING TO THEIR TASK MASTERS

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