Nigerian Linguist Shares His Experience With A Hotel Receptionist Who Said "she Is Equal To The Task In Case He Needs A Toy To Play With"

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Nigerian linguist shares his experience with a hotel receptionist who said “she is equal to the task in case he needs a toy to play with”

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A Nigerian linguist, Ogbonnaya Okoro, has shared his experience with an overly dedicated  hotel receptionist who offered herself to him. Read below: 

I just checked into this hotel, took my bath, stepped out to walk round the street before I would start work.


The instruction is to drop key. I presented the key to the receptionist.

“Can I talk to you?” She asked.

“Why not?” I drew my ears closer.


She looked up and down, uneasy like one about to steal meat from pot. Nobody seemed to be coming.


“In case you need a toy to play with I am equal to the task”.


It took a few seconds for this to register into my small head. I laughed like a mad man. Like…am I in Nigeria or finally moved to obodo oyibo? But I like blunt ladies. Nd? Naija ad?r? blunt. Then no be Naija I Dey.


This must be in the dream. I had to pinch myself. Two things are involved. First, if the pinch pains me, it is reality. Second, if I feel no pains, then it’s dream. But the pinch pained me. It’s true.


When I was paying for the room, she passed me the rules and regulations. Smoking isn’t allowed. I told her no need. I don’t smoke.


“But those who smoke are good in bed”


I pretended I didn’t hear that. Of course nt? chiri m. Aunty press POS make I dey Waka, I have deadlines


This time around…”toy”.

Ya b? ka m p?wa toy.


The angels began to whisper into my ears:


boy focus!”

Any? gbaga ?s? eluigwe…


But one useless spirit was telling me: “opportunity comes but once”…

Ma Angel Michael ma Angel Gabriel, ha n? m left and right….mma agha turning as it did Adam and Eve when they left Eden.

No crossing.

? b?ara ?r?, focus!


As I turned to look at her…

I paused, she paused; both of us paused.

?n?kwa m toy? Ap?gburu m onwe m na toy.


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