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Nigerian Man Impregnated daughter, says ‘She Is Too Beautiful for someone else to enjoy” (Photos)

A 48-year-old farmer, Theddius Audu, has impregnated his 15-year-old daughter Justina in Wuyeya, Nasarawa State, TheNation reports.

According to the report, Audu took up the sole responsibility of his daughter’s upbringing after his marriage to on Talatu Ayi, ended 13 years ago.

The decision eventually resulted in a pregnancy, as Justina is 4 months gone already. The man said he always felt pain of someone “toasting” his beautiful daughter and enjoying, after he went through difficulties to raise her. .

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      1. Sodom and gomora indeed, but this is an old post and according to the original old post, that lady was consented to all her father’s act and she caused her Mum to leave the house.

    1. How could a father who has affectionately raise a daughter will get interested in her,this is barbaric and shameful act

  1. How wish the father of your wife impregnated your wife when she was young will you see her to marry..that man needs to die…

  2. The girl is also Foolish, u dont blame the man alone How can A Girl in her Right Brain allow her father to lay with her😏😏

    1. All blame should go to the man alone bcos he must have gone extral miles to do one thing or the other to push the girl into that,,, the situation is not ordinary and that man will never go unpunished

  3. Thank u so much & welldone *Mr long PeNis 4 dat kind iTUTT dat u chose & KHONg. Since u didn’t force yur daughter & KHONg, let her prepare also 2 giv d same iTuTT to her son to KHONg, if she refuses repentance now. But know u dis dat: (Days & day kan never be d same).

  4. Well done o baba with your unethical act..
    Check back, the wrath of judgment is knocking behind you…

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