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Nigerian Secondary School Girls Dancing And Showing Nakędness In Classroom (Video)

The internet is agog with reactions after some female secondary school students were caught on camera dancing crazily in their classroom while blasting songs with their phones.

In the video which was posted a few minutes ago by Instagram blogger, Tunde Endnut, the girls are seen whining and shaking their bosoms while some of their classmates videotaped the whole thing.

As the songs continued to play, about 4 of the students went as far as removing their trouser belts, while some unbuttoned their shirts.

The whole thing almost looked like they’re dancing in a night club whereas it was their classroom. From the look of things, the secondary school girls seem to be senior students, because if not, they would have been cautioned or punished by their seniors.

However, social media users who reacted to the video, are really finding it hard to wrap their heads on what the children of nowadays are turning into.

According to a couple of people, they said that social media is just bringing decades-old teenage decadence in Nigeria to the fore.

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