“No Man Ever Love Me Because Of My Condition ”- My Parents Stopped Me From Going Out – Maria

Maria, a woman with physical disabilities who was born without limbs, has shared her heartwarming tale with the world.

According to evidence acquired, Afrimax English revealed that the 21-year-old woman was unable to attend school or receive a proper education as a result of her condition because there was only one school in the area that was far away and required a long walk across a desolate road to get there.

Sadly, the girl only has a leg left and no hands. She claimed that her parents used to keep her in the room and deny her the right or chance to play with other kids. She disclosed that she had only recently regained her freedom from confinement and her ability to interact with everyone.

The woman added that she doesn’t believe any men will approach her for a relationship or marriage, more specifically.

She avowed that no man has ever told her he loves her before and she doesn’t know her fate as the case may be.

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