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3 ways to make your wife proud of you

An enjoyable marriage is one where a couple is proud of each other.
Loving your wife means you need to make her proud of you. There a hundreds of ways through which you can do this but we will focus on three most effective ones. Here we go;

1. Support her goals

While your personal growth will make her proud of you, supporting her own goals will as well make her see you in a different way. She has goals and ambitions she intends to achieve, and so she would definitely love it when you invest in them too. Supporting her dreams gives her a higher satisfaction with the relationship.

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2. Notice what she is worried about and reassure her

There will be times when she is down and worried. This is the time she needs you most. Come out, reach out to her and reassure her of your support in any times of sadness and that everything will turn out okay.

3. Remind her of how much you love her everyday

Do not assume that she knows how much you feel for her. Saying “I love you” to her every morning when you part for work and at light before you sleep is enough to scare her insecurities away. She will never get tired of hearing it, trust it.

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