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Our Daily Bread For Today Jan 15, 2021 Devotional Message

HiTNG Daily Devotional Message

Topic: Please, No Breach Of Agreement

Today’s Scripture: Joshua 1:10-18 (NIV)


When Moses was alive, the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Manasseh asked him to allow them settle at the beautiful pasture land East of the promised land, and Moses agreed on the condition that they would help the other tribes fight, conquer and enter the promised land, after which they could go back and settle down.

Now that Moses is dead and Joshua has taken over the mantle of leadership. He reminded the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Manasseh of the existing agreement. Fortunately at verse 16, they determined to live up to the agreement.

Some people fail to keep the terins of agreement they consciously entered into. Some make promises and later renege on them, while some tell lies to frustrate or escape the agreements they enter into. Some people buy things on credit or borrow money and refuse to pay back even when they have the money.

Some others deliberately issue dud cheques to pay their debts. Worse still, some make pledges in church while others promise God some things if He would answer their prayers, but immediately God answers their prayers, they renege and forget to perform the promises. Breach of promises and agreements shows lack of integrity; Depart from these practices if have been involved in them. It is better not to make pledges or enter into agreement, than to make them and fail to keep them. Fulfill your promises and keep your words even if it is painful (Ps. 15:1-4).


Dear Father pardon my unfaithfulness, and incline my heart to perform the promises I make.

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