‘Our Day’ Letter Boy Oswald: 10 Biography Facts – Age, Full Name, School, Parents, Brands That Donated, Photos Etc.

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‘Our Day’ Letter Boy Oswald: 10 Biography Facts – Age, Full Name, School, Parents, Brands That Donated, Photos Etc.

Meet Oswald Gennuh, get to know his mother, father, favorite teacher, school, why he is trending and why top brands in Ghana have donated to him.

Oswald, a young boy who decided to communicate his Our Day wishes to his mother, Rita Gennuh, via writing became an overnight star after the letter went viral online

His interesting piece of writing got over 50 companies coming up to promise huge packages for the young boy and his teachers, school mates and parents.

Below are some details of the young genius; his full name, parents, some brands that donated to him, and family.

1. Real Name

Full name of Oswald is Oswald Gennuh.

Oswald Gennuh

2. Age

Oswald is 9 years old. According to his father, he turned 9 not long ago.

3. Parents

Parents of Oswald are Rita Gennuh and Mr Stephen Mark Gennuh.

4. School

Oswald is stepping into year 4 in September when they resume from the break.

5. Hobbies

Oswald’s father has revealed that his son loves to write, and do research. He detailed that he once wrote a 6 page story and came to show him for corrections.

6. Favorite Teacher

Mrs. Appiah is Oswald’s favorite teacher. According to Oswald, Mrs. Appiah treats him like his own son.

7. Why he wrote a letter to his mother?

Oswald’s parents have revealed that he is shy and communicates with his mother via letter to prevent disappointment

The nine-year-old’s mother has also stated that she did not live up to some promises she made to her son in the recent past, and for that reason, he does not communicate his wishes verbally any longer.

She said: “Oswald now writes everything he wants so that I won’t use the excuse that I have forgotten about anything he has told me or I promised to do for him”

Oswald mother (on the right) and favorite teacher on left

8. Oswald’s Academic remarks by parents and teacher.

Very organized and brilliant. According to Rita Gennuh, at his age, Osward exhibits a high level of brilliance and organization in his dealings and she is so grateful to God for that.

9. How he trended on the internet

Oswald became an internet sensation after a letter he wrote to his mother asking her to buy him things for his Our Day celebration surfaced on Twitter.

In the letter, he asked his mother not to disappoint him as many Ghanaian netizens were touched by his way of communication to his mother, click here to see the full letter Oswald wrote to his mother.

10. Brands that donated to Oswald

MTN Ghana offered Oswald 10 GB, singer Kidi opened a Fidelity Bank account for Oswald and donated Ghc3000, Naana Jane Opoku gifted him an iPad pro, Fiesta Condom gave condoms to the school teachers etc.

Other brands that donated include; The Atomic Waakyi, Ashesi University, KNUST, Omo Ghana, HD Ghana, Myst Water Ghana, Bel Beverage, Dino Milk Ghana, Tom Vita, Blue Band, Fanice, Domino Pizza Ghana, Ekumfi, GCB, Pepsodent just to mention few.


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