Photos and video from actress Stephanie Linus’s surprise birthday party

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Actress Stephanie Linus turned a year older on October 2.

Her husband, Idahosa Linus, threw her a surprise party that was attended by family and friends. Posting photos from her birthday party on her Instagram  page, Stephanie wrote;

”Another surprise birthday from my hubby.

I told him that this year I just wanted to have a lazy day, sit at home, eat, watch movies with him and do literally nothing but this man just can’t stop pulling surprises…

So, I woke up to a spa treatment that took a very long while, then boom… I dressed up and came downstairs to the whole house lit up with bright shining lights, beautiful balloons, flowers, gifts and decor.

I had Friends stylishing calling me that they needed to drop my birthday cake cause I told them… ‘I no wan do anything o’! Only to come down and meet them waiting for me.

Mehn… this My husband knew I needed to dance and that’s why he created the atmosphere for me to unleash.

I had extreme fun with the most lively house-warmers.

To my soulmate, thank you and I am grateful for having such a beautiful soul as you. Love you always.”

See more photos and a video of her dancing below…

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