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Please Help: What Can I Use To Get Rid Of Dandruff?

For over a year my greatest hair challenges is dandruff.

Normally my hair use to be dandruff free but I don’t know what might have caused it,all I notice is,i was combing it one day and found dandruff falling from my head, I was so sad that day . And ever since I noticed it I started trying all my possible best to get rid of it.

Even as at now my hair is now nothing to write home about cause it not growing any longer, it’s now stagnant.

Please what can I do to this hair to give back joy to me?


  1. GED guava leaves, boil it, and use it to wash the hair, you’ll see result within a week

  2. Use honey and slightly heated Olive Oil, apply on your hair and cover with a rubber shower cap so that it heats up your scalp. Leave for at least 30mins and wash off with shampoo

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