Pls Help! I’m a pastor, My House Girl Is Tempting Me

Pls Help! I’m A Pastor, My House Girl Is Tempting Me

Pls Help! I’m A Pastor, My House Girl Is Tempting Me

I will simply go straight to the point, as I would not want to give very explicit details about myself. This is for some obvious reasons. My wife is very sharp, I mean, she is such an intelligent woman and can easily trace this true confession to me.

For the fact that I love her so much, I cannot let a thing fall in-between us. That is why I have kept this as top-secret till today; but I will have to let this out of the bag.

I’m not oblivious of the fact that most issues of this nature are blamed on the men whom most of us see as womanizers; but mine is a different thing entirely. I’m not a womanizer. I have tried everything possible to make sure that this girl-my house girl leaves my house, but my wife will always insist she stays.

I’m a pastor, but I also work as a civil servant. I would have loved to write further about where I live, but for the same reason why I can’t mention my name, I can’t tell you where I’m writing from.

This young lady was brought to my house by my wife sometimes in 2010, and had just completed her secondary education last year. She is supposed to pick up a form for her higher education because she is related to my wife; distant relation, sort of.

Frankly, she has been very good, and has been taking care of my only daughter since my wife put to bed late last year. Her presence is a big relief to me and wife because we are both very busy people. My wife works with a bank, and sometimes come home around 8-9pm.

Lately, this young girl has summoned courage to seduce me; to be sincere, she is tempting me.

I often return to the house ahead of my wife. Sometimes, because of hold-up and other issues, I will get in around 5-6pm. She started by running to embrace me with her transparent-short gown to welcome me each time I knock, on arrival.

I was shocked the very day she did that. I felt so embarrassed. “Even if I had traveled to space…hun! This one is just too much… hun!” I soliloquized in my bedroom after she had dropped my office bag and ran out to get my food. This continued for 3 weeks. Sometimes, her bosoms will just slip out of her ‘top’ and she will simply apologize. My wife has never met her on that gown as she wears another cloth when it’s almost time for my wife to return. I have developed double minds about her. I have had different evil thoughts since this whole thing started. The one that happened last was the way she sat facing me, with her legs wide opened. I left the food that I was eating and walked to the bathroom to do nothing in particular. I had thought she would adjust as soon as I returned, but she didn’t budge. I think I fell into her trap finally that day. I almost had it with her when I grabbed her, and she jumped at me. We started that regrettable romance before God intervened with the sharp cry of my baby. That was what saved the day.

The next day, I had told my wife that we should send her away, but she vehemently refused to accept my suggestion. She had asked me to give some reasons why we should send her away, and I had told her that she was getting so stubborn and lazy; hence, she is as good as no House-help.

My wife who claimed she had never experienced that had accused me of formulating things against the lady. She told me that I wanted her out of the house because I had seen that she will soon secure admission into the higher institution, and I will soon begin to pay for her school fees. I couldn’t tell her the truth, because something tells me it will be disastrous. I just felt I could handle the matter in the most professional way. But right now, things have gone out of hands since the past 2 weeks. I have done virtually everything that can be considered dirty with her except that I have not done it with her yet. What’s keeping me from doing it is my conscience and for the fact that I can’t do that in my matrimonial home.

That sin will be so grievous, I know. She had asked me repeatedly last week if she can meet me in any of the hotels around town this weekend since my wife will be around then. She has just Saturday and Sunday to take care of her hair and visit friends, and she wants to use that opportunity to have me all to herself. Now, I’m contemplating on this issue. All I need is your advice; Saturday is just 5 days from today, and I can’t make up my mind on what to do. I love my wife, but I think I’m becoming so foolish in the name of being faithful. Please, tell me; should I do it or not? It has gotten to the level where I cannot tell my wife the truth because she won’t even believe, since I had told her a different story before. She will see it as blackmail.

Your reaction will either encourage me or discourage me, even though my mind beats faster, and something tells me to do it. Should I?


  1. Are you real pastor or wrong pastor ? Why do you entertain such a temptation? if you real love your wife and hate your house maid?

  2. Mr Pastor ,this is obviously sinful. Don’t fall into that cheap trap. It might be a trap to set you up and you’re trying to fall into it when you know the right thing to do. Stand firm to resist that girl.dont make that regrettable mistake .

  3. Please don’t do that on that coming Saturday. Instead go in to bathroom and hold your penis squise it and let the semen flowout of the penis then you will be ok. you can’t control the erection of the penis because it is connected with associated natural factors effecting it’s functions. Prayer, faith, Holy Ghost, and wisdom works but do not work without the application of common Sense in you sir so sir do not leave out the place of common Sense even though you already have faith, wisdom, praying serious and following God.

  4. To think that the person typing this is a pastor…all these guys that will wake up and call themselves pastors when God did not call them,will give in to this lust….
    I don’t think that a real pastor sent by God will try this rubbish you’re typing here

  5. Truth is bitter, u are a pastor as you said ,does God tell u truth always whenever you asked him for a message for your members concerning them if it is yes tell your wife the truth not acting lust and fear. And the choice and decision is yours to make whether to do it or not. Sin is enjoyable and pleasurable but the consequences of it go long way to stay with u forever. Wise up pastor .

    1. Leave the house for both of them to stay, since she refuse to send her to village, is a very big temptation be careful.

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