President Xi Jinping tries to form ‘Tibetan bodies with Chinese communist minds’: Report

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President Xi Jinping tries to form ‘Tibetan bodies with Chinese communist minds’: Report

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s dominance over Tibet has resulted in the formation of ‘Tibetan bodies with Chinese communist minds’ as a part of his campaign for Tibetans to adapt to “Chinese Socialist Characteristics”.

Even a month after China established its hold on Tibet, Tibetans have been committing self-immolation, condemning the Chinese rule in the Tibetan lands, noted the Hong Kong post.

Previously, the annual report of the Dharamshala-based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) showed President Xi Jinping’s attempt to remove the traditional religious, social, and cultural identity of the Tibetans.

The report further mentioned a ‘widespread crackdown on the right of freedom of expression and information’ inside Chinese occupied Tibet. In fact, ‘ethnic nationalities’ in China account for a mere 8 per cent while that of China’s own ethnicity, Hans, records 92 per cent of China’s population, reported the Hong Kong Post

As means of oppression, China’s Ministry of Education released a set of rules wherein it is compulsory for a Tibetan student who aspires to take admission to a school to formally give an undertaking about his or her “political attitude and ideological morality”.

This regulation is China’s strategy to end any uprising of anti-China or pro-Tibetan independence activities or religious rituals, as stated by the Hong Kong Post.

Further, Chinese administrators in China-ruled Tibet have also made it mandatory for Tibetan students to be fluent in the Chinese Mandarin language. To curb the spread of the Tibetan language, many Tibetan schools run by enthusiastic Tibetan individuals have been closed or demolished as well.

As means of establishing its diktat on Tibet, China has even banned keeping a photo of the spiritual leader, Dalai Lama. It is considered to be an ‘unpatriotic’ crime and a ‘splitist’ act. The ban has been extended to cell phones as well. One could face up to 7 years of prison if they fail to comply with this rule, noted the Hong Kong Post.

In the name of education, communist brainwashing and loyalty to the CCP are rampant in Tibet. If President Xi Jinping succeeds in his mission of transforming Tibetans into people with Chinese characteristics, he will be able to achieve a much higher goal in the future of turning Tibetans into following the Chinese ideals. (ANI)

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