No Pain, No Gain: Ambode Government Proved It

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The nine(9) months duration project was completed but not without cost and pain to residents. Wall fences and part buildings were demolished, dust settled in houses which caused health hazard, vehicles were packed streets away, movement was an issue with no power or water supply to the street. Life was hell during that period especially for families with kids.

Exactly 18months after, I thought it wise to reflect on the post. Life is back and better. Though landlords took advantage by increasing rents, however easy accessibility paved way for more development, convinience and reduction in cost of vehicle maintenance. Regardless of the motive or rationale behind the project by the past governor, people is the reason for goverment and good governance accross the sectors of the economy is what we demand.

Capital projects ongoing accross the nation by both state and federal governments would surely come with pains as we are experiencing on Lagos-Ibadan Highway but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Infrastuctures and social ammenities must be improved upon to make life better for Nigerians.

Ambode may have fumbled in other noticeable areas but not on this.


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