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Reactions as Nigerian lawyer reveals he is married to his cousin

Reactions as Nigerian lawyer reveals he is married to his cousin

A Twitter user recently revealed how he got married to his cousin and this raised an uproar on social media.

While some netizens claimed it was a normal occurrence, others insisted that it has biological effects.

The tweet read:

“So our Southern brothers were shocked when they knew Northerners marry their Cousins? Well here is my weird combination; 😁
My Dad and my Wife’s Dad are full brothers. My Mum and my Wife’s Mum are full Sisters. Both our Dads and Mums are Cousins. That makes us Cousin pro max 😂 ”

Reacting to this, Jabir said, “For you to breakdown this algorithm, you must come from the north 😀👏.”

Ahmerd said, “No his dad and his dad in-law are brothers. Same goes to the mommies.”

Temitope said, “Won’t lie am confused with this.. can we get a family tree or a more simpler explanations please or anyone with similar family experience. Still in shock by this.”

Avazi said, “You and ur wife are double first cousins and double second cousins. Wow!”

OluofTweeter said, “This is not something to be laughing about. Inbreeding causes serious deformities in offspring, stop putting kids through terrible sicknesses because of lack of education. And you are laughing about something that should be outlawed.”

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