A man disclose that Honda billed him #15m to repair a #4m car.

A twitter user (@iamtundekelani) has been left in stitches after taking his 2012 Honda Civic car (foreign used) to the Honda Place in Abuja for repairs. The shocked man in return was given a N15m bill as the amount it will cost to fix his car. The cost of the car in the market is way below N4m.

The man has now shared the shocking bills on twitter to the amazement of his followers. Continue…

Read the tweet below

42 thoughts on “A man disclose that Honda billed him #15m to repair a #4m car.

  1. Mustapha Umar Reply

    I will just ask the mechanic to pay me #2m I will balance it but another new car.

  2. Moshood Salami Reply

    Why can’t him sale that one and had money to it an buy a new car

  3. Isaac Akogu Reply

    The price given to you by the company is a humble way to say ” Go sell and get another”.

    • Ogedengbe Col Efadi Reply

      The car is not worth repairing ,the man should go buy another car.

  4. Gabriel Amos Reply

    The Car is Expensive more then the Other and he dn,t need to sale it

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