Video: Lady and her baby beaten, thrown inside gutter by brother in-law for disturbing his sleep

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A video which is making the rounds on social media has captured the moment a lady was beaten by her brother in law for disturbing his sleep.

Eyewitnesses questioned the lady about the injuries on her body and she opened up on how her brother-in-law slapped her baby, beat her up, and pushed her inside the gutter.

She also said she has been squatting with him since her husband is not financially buoyant to take good care of them.

Stating his own side of the story, the brother in law said his family was against his brother marrying the lady, and the lady is so stubborn to deal with, that is why sometimes his temper gets out of control.

He also confessed to slapping the baby and pushing the lady inside gutter out of anger.

Watch the video below…

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