Why Do We Justify The Actions Of Philandering Men?

Why does society make it seem ok for men to cheat? Why do we lie under the guise of men are polygamous in nature and that it is natural for men to cheat? Men should be held accountable for their irresponsible actions and should not be condoned.
If the tables are turned I bet you that a lot of men will not be able to take in the nonsense they dish out to women because they know that in their subconcious it is wrong.
Why the excuses such as that a man who cheats loves his wife but wants to explore and give stupid reasons as to why men do that I don’t understand the logic behind that .
To the men who philander have you for once thought about the women in your lives how they would feel or have you for once sat down to ask yourself if it was you and how you would feel?
Why does society make it okay for men to cheat and chastise women for doing same why? Why condition women into believing that it is okay and normal for a man to cheat on committed partners or spouses.
I don’t believe it is okay it kills the self esteem of the woman and it is an insult to her self respect.
How can you conciously disrespect someone who you claim to love and vowed to be faithful to?
If you give the woman disease nkor what about your kids? I don’t get it
I blame society for feeding men with that crappy notion that it is okay to behave like an irresponsible dickhead and get away with it.
I also blame women for allowing themselves to be manipulated into thinking that it is okay for a man to cheat on you. It just goes to show how we train our daughters with little self worth into thinking that it is okay to get disrespected by a man and their life begins and ends with men and marriage. If daughters are trained with some level of swlf esteem, love, independence and are boys are thought right they will think twice before cheating and our ladies will not condone such from them.
In a nutshell, we teach our girls to take poo and our boys to dish out poo.
No faithful partner deserves a cheating partner.

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