Revealed! See as we found a spiritual river where untold fortunes and riches can be manifested.

Revealed! See As We Found A Spiritual River Where Untold Fortunes And Riches Can Be Manifested.

Revealed! See As We Found A Spiritual River Where Untold Fortunes And Riches Can Be Manifested.

You may be wondering how the water is full of blessings and riches. Those who are ignorant of the spirit and how the spirit works are tied down in one place with all the blessings naturally given to them.

Water is life and doesn’t have enemy as they popularly says. No wonder the scripture says, the earth is the Lord and the fullness there of. The story I,m about to give you may be scaring, but very touching and perturbing.

I took a woman to a spiritualist who happened to be my benefactor. The woman was a staff in federal judicial service commission, Abuja. She had partial stroke that led to her premature retirement from work. She began to seek for solution from one place to another, but all efforts proved to be abortive . She was tired of life considering her age and the premature retirement occasioned by the sickness. Her husband divorced her when his attention was needed most and hook up with a young lady. She had nothing left with her and people around dissociated themselves from her.

As a man that was very caring to the young and old. I took her to my family spiritual mother for solution. She took her to the water for purification at the death of the night. After a while, there was lightening and thundering every where. We became scared, but consoling and comforting ourselves because of a permanent solution. Suddenly a voice came from afar saying’ I,m the true solution to problems both on earth and in heaven. Those who believe in me are like a river full of blessings.

Revealed! See As We Found A Spiritual River Where Untold Fortunes And Riches Can Be Manifested.

I couldn’t get my self any longer and the woman hurriedly forget her problem because i felt i have made a mistake by coming to the spiritualist with the woman. After she finished her spiritual assignment. we left the river bank for her spiritual home and on getting there the stroke disappeared miraculously.

Since that very day the stroke subsided and to God be the glory all her entitlement they denied her in the office were paid and she is free from all forms of discriminations.

Unthinkably, the husband who got married to a young lady because of her situation returned to her and they reconciled with each other. I urged you to seek for solution of whatever bothering your mind or confronting you with the Queen Mother. it is a natural ordination by the ancestors and spiritual understanding that makes the difference. Here is her PHONE No:+2347017419907

Why We Advertise Mother Queen?

We advertise Mother Queen, a powerful spiritualist because she believes and teaches that everyone deserves a fair treatment when it comes to making use of what God deposited on all of us -gifts. Many came to this world and die without this knowledge blaming God or ill luck for their situation. As Mother Queen often says “what we don’t understand, we call a mystery. What we understand alone, we call a revelation. What we could understand together, we call it knowledge.” One couldn’t agree more because knowledge is what separate people, even the Bible concurs that “My people perish because they lack knowledge.” Mother Queen believes the world and its elites are experts in knowledge hoarding, that’s why there is so much lack in this world. This was not the system of our African ancestors. Mother Queen, aka “The Queen” preaches freedom to all seekers of knowledge instead of keeping only to the few; hence why we advertise her and her services to the true seekers of the hidden knowledge of pure African Spirituality to also partake in this light of truth.


Phone: +2347017419907

Address:No 7 Queen street mgbidi, along amorka villag, oru west, imo state nigeria

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