1. Don’t abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or wish harm to HiTNG members OR THEIR TRIBES.
  2. Don’t threaten, support or DEFEND violent acts against any person, tribe, race, animals, or group (e.g. rape).
  3. Don’t post adverts or affiliate links outside the areas where adverts are explicitly allowed.
  4. Don’t say, do, or THREATEN to do anything that’s detrimental to the security, success, or reputation of HiTNG.
  5. Don’t post false information on Nairaland.
  6. Don’t use HiTNG for illegal acts, e.g scams, plagiarism, hacking, gay meetings, incitement, promoting secession.
  7. Don’t violate the privacy of any people e.g. by posting their private pics, info, or chats without permission.
  8. Please spell words correctly when you post, and try to use perfect grammar and punctuation.
  9. Don’t ask HiTNG members for contact details (email, phone,) you can follow any member on Hitngand send chat on HiTNG.