Sanwo-Olu signs new law prohibiting media parade of suspect by police

Sanwo-Olu Signs New Law Prohibiting Media Parade Of Suspect By Police

Sanwo-Olu Signs New Law Prohibiting Media Parade Of Suspect By PoliceThe Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Tuesday, October 5, signed the Administration of Criminal Justice (Amendment) Law (ACJL) 2021.

The ACJL was first passed in Lagos State in 2007 and amended in 2011 to ensure the fundamental rights of suspects and persons that come into contact with the justice system, as enshrined in the constitution are protected.

The provisions in the new law include conducting criminal proceedings through audio and video conferencing platform, powers of Chief Magistrate to visit Police Stations, prohibition of media parade of suspects, compensation to victims of crime, protective measures for victims and witnesses, as well as the establishment of a Crime Data Register and the Criminal Justice Sector Reform Committee to monitor the implementation of this Law.

The Ministry of Justice through a collaborative effort with stakeholders in the administration of criminal justice will ensure the provisions of this law are enforced.

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  1. Why would he sign this type of law the parade is for other criminals who are doing the same thing to stop

  2. Well I guess he should have a reason for signing this law,Personally I don’t think criminals deserves any form of respect

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