Sean Tembo Claims There Is A Plot By UPND Govt To Poison Him

Sean Tembo Claims There Is A Plot By UPND Govt To Poison Him

Sean Tembo
Sean Tembo


Sean Tembo a critic of the ruling party UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema claims there is a plot by the State to poison him.

In a Facebook post monitored by Zambian Eye this night, Tembo who heads an opposition party called PeP says the State will arrest him to have access to him.

Sean Tembo writes:


1. Good evening fellow citizens. It has come to my attention, through my trusted sources, that the New Dawn administration is planning to effect an arrest on me based on some flimsy charges, in the next few days or weeks.

2. It is my understanding that the main objective of the arrest is not to necessarily prosecute me in the courts of law, no. The key objective is to have access to my body so that they can administer a slow posion called thallium which they recently procured from abroad. I am further informed that this poison would not show any effects for several months so that they can have deniability. However, it would be fatal within a year or two.

3. It is my further understanding from my sources that the New Dawn administration is resorting to these evil plans because of their collective frustration with the court processes, where they have recorded several legal losses in the recent past.

4. Fellow citizens, l wish to put it on record that all l ever wanted is a better Zambia. A Zambia were leaders are transparent and accountable to the people, in the use of public resources.

5. It is a pity that in the quest to hold the current government accountable, they have decided to resort to desperate and evil plans. I shall however leave everything in God’s hands.

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SET 19.05.2022

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