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See The School Fees Amount Paid At The Deeper Life High School (Photo)

Due to the recent unfolding events, the Deeper Life High School which is owned by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry and possibly by the founder and General overseer of the Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi has been trending on social media and various website.

The major news that got people digging to find out how much students in that school pay as school fees, was due to the molestation case of one of their young students, who was molested by his seniors in a boarding house and the mother made a video of it.

However, as the case is still ongoing, the school’s official website has shown the amount of money that is paid by students attending the high school. The deeper life high school was established in 2010 and has about 21 campuses across the country, notably Abuja and Lagos. Judging by the campus numbers the school might happen to be among the biggest high school in Nigeria.

However, being a church-owned high school, many people expect the amount to be fair enough for both the poor and rich to enroll their wards. Surprisingly, the amount for tuition fee is higher than many universities out there and this has provoked some reactions on social media. Nevertheless, the school is known for its standards, equipment, and buildings.

See the school fees amount below paid by students across the Deeper Life High School in the country which can be found on the school website:

What is your honest opinion about a church high school paying a university fee such as this? Drop your comments and follow me for more updates and tips.

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