See What This Female Corper Did To Celebrate Her Saw-miller Dad For Sponsoring Her Education

Responsible and caring parents always make sure they do all it takes so their children can get the education they deserve. Most times parents, especially the struggling ones, deprive themselves a lot of things they need just so they can have enough money to send their children to school or keep paying expensive fees.

Moreso, these parents also do back breaking and tedious jobs, some even work more than one job just so they can give their children the best. This is why we always pray that they reap the fruits of their labour.

Their labour is all the stress and pains they pass through to send their child(ren) to school and you, the child is the going to be their fruit to reap when you start earning good and legit money.

As children you ought to always show thanks and gratitude to your parents because most times you people just keep demanding for money and when it doesn’t get to you when you need it you start grumbling. Your parents are toiling day and night, show some gratitude.

A young lady who identifies as Winnie Jane on Facebook, took to the social media to make a post showing her appreciation to her father for all he did for her.

Miss. Jane apparently just finished serving her father land, she was a Corper (NYSC). So she came back home and followed her father who is a Sawyer (one who saws wood and sells for a living), to work.

She wanted to feel what he felt, experience all he experienced in trying to make money to send her to school from nursery to university level and now she is done with NYSC, a certified graduate. Indeed it isn’t easy.

This young lady shared pictures of herself, taking up her dad’s sawing machine to try cutting the wood into long halves like he did and she admitted that it was not easy. She stated that her body kept vibrating.

She so much praised her father her going through this type of hardwork just so she can get the best of education.

See her post below

She further stated that she owes her father a lot and we all know that is true.

See more photos

see photos of the female corper after she took her NYSC certificate

Photos she took with her father.

This is a good example of showing gratitude to your parents. She may not know it but that single thing she did which is following him to work, meant a lot to her father and he will be very happy and proud of her.

Dear children, when your parents send you to school, please go with the aim of learning and becoming a responsible adult, so you can take care of them. Don’t go and lose focus and start chasing women or men, doing drugs or even being drop out.

You break your parents hearts when you do this. It’s very sad to see men and women still toiling day and night at their very old age just because they don’t have responsible children to care for them.

This young lady is blessed and has done a good deed.


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