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Seun Kuti counters ‘Stingy men’ with ‘Cheerful givers association”

Seun Kuti has come up with a plan to fight against the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria by introducing the Cheerful Givers Association of Nigeria.

In a post sighted on his Instagram page, he did not understand why some men would decide to join the stingy men’s association whiles Nigerian men are kind and know how to take care of women. He asked other people to join him as he is set to win the masses for Cheerful Givers Association of Nigeria.

He wrote: What is this STINGY MEN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (SMAN) Trying to give us a bad name. We Nigerian men that understand the art of taking care of our women. If we don’t do it who will? Abeg join the winning team because AFRICAN WOMEN ARE WORTH IT #getthesax

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