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She Killed Herself When the video went viral, Female Warder who was video Enjoying Herself With A Prisoner commit suicide

Earlier today HiTNG reported that A video of the warder and the inmates has been involving themselves in sexual activity has been top news recently.

The official from Department of Correctional Service has found herself in deep trouble as this video continues to trend on social media platforms. It is not yet clear who was taking their video as seems as if these two were not aware with regards to the video recording.

The information reaching HiTNG now was due to the trends of the video the female warder as went extremely high to kill her self.

The social media user name Randy commented on the video posted by Nigerian Twitter influencer @thanaijaboy who disclose the information that the woman in the video is now late.

See response below;

Information has it that they were legally married before his imprisonment. Unfortunately, she committed suicide when this video went viral. She is late now.

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  1. Where was that information, before it gets online? You people who specializes in bring immoral video online are all guilty of the immoral act as well, what are you trying to prove? Don’t you have sex? God will judge you all, for the major you give is the major you will receive.

  2. Not everyone has the heart to take this kind of scandal
    She was probably embarrassed!!
    being married to him would not make it feel any better seeing the kind of comment people were making,
    Only a porn stars will be proud of people watching their sex videos.
    people go through real problems, the best we can do is not add to it!!
    No matter what, suicide is not an option tho🚧
    But let’s also try to help each other !!!
    Depression is real and it can happen to anyone

  3. So painful, whoever is hidden to take this kind of video must have known something about them b/4, think twice b/ 4 u do evil. May her soul rest in peace.

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