She Told Me She Was Thirsty For Water, I Didn’t Know The Water Would Take Her Life

Life creates memories every step of the way both good and bad which stick in our minds for a lifetime.Keshi Wangechi shares her story with Hungura Media.

In the interview,Keshi says she is from Eldoret and she only has one brother.Her family lived lived in peace and they were very comfortable until things turned around.

It was during the election violence that she underwent a hard time she had never experienced before.When war broke, they all went to a nearby church where they hid.

Her brother was very thirsty since he was an infant and her mom sent her home to get some milk.

While at home she heard a bomb blow sound and she went out to know what was happening.Unfortunately,the church had been set on fire.

People were screaming and running in all directions but there was no safe place.Many died and many severely injured.

Keshi remembers that at some point,she met with a group of men who beat up her fellows and herself was beaten on the stomach with a panga until she lost consciousness.

Afterwards, they ran away with the few people who were still alive not knowing where they were heading;Read The Full Information Here

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