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Shocking Video Of Young Students Engaging In A Daylight S£x Party (Video)

Video of some young ladies engaging in a kerewa party with starved men has surfaced online and has gets people talking.

Few days ago we reported how a lady contracted the deadly HIV virus after participating in a orgy at a house party in Ruaka, about two months ago.

She went to the party just to have fun but after indulging in alcohol, things went wild and they started having xex in turns.

She participated in the kerewa party , only to find out that she had contracted H. I. V after going for a test.

She narrated the story to Xtian Dela on his social platform and revealed that she has been having endless suicidal thoughts after testing positive.

Well, a new video of young ladies engaging in a daylight adult party has emerge on the internet.

The drunk ladies, who are in their early twenties, were being ch£wed in turns in the party where alcohol was flowing freely.

They were not even using protection while enganging in the debauchery, It’s hard to imagine that these are future wives and mothers. you can download the video here

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