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Slay Queen who allows Tv host to play with her Toto on Live Show finally speaks [video]

Naomi Gold Campbell, the slay queen who appeared with counsellor Lutherodt on UTV Red Light Show hosted by Vicky Zugah has finally breaks her silence .

Naomi Gold has become the talk of Ghana largely due to her bold action in the studios of UTV on The Red Light Show hosted by popular Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah.

Perhaps if you don’t know what is happening, Counsellor Lutterodt manoeuvred his ways to f*nger Naomi Gold live when he was educating adults on the chemistry of making love.

Why would any sane lady allow herself to be f*ngered and fondled on live television by someone who parades himself as a marriage and relationship counsellor.. Netizens quiz after the incident.

Well, the lady has come from her hideout following the nationwide backlashes to add her voice to the buzz.

According to Gold Campbell, she is an international model and whatever happened on live television was professional and nothing else.

She also denied claims that she was f*ngered. Apparently, she was doing her job as a model and counsellor Lutterodt was also doing his job…interesting huh

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  1. Government got to begin to regulate the live show programs in order to checkmate some that can affect the psychological perception of the public.

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