SO AMAZING: See This Small Hole, There Are Churches, Hotels And Villages inside (See Inner Photos)

So Amazing: See This Small Hole, There Are Churches, Hotels And Villages Inside (See Inner Photos)

Coober Pedy’s population of around 1,800 people is small, but it’s surprisingly diverse, with around 50 different nationalities represented.

It’s a desert town unlike any other on Earth; in reality, it resembles the moon’s surface. Coober Pedy is one of Australia’s most unique destinations, with a considerable proportion of its residents and attractions located underground.

Underground hotels, pubs, cafes, temples, and even the world’s only golf course without a blade of grass can be found, almost like a lost area.

Within Coober Pedy, Australia’s underground mining town, where people work, shop, and worship. Coober Pedy is a remote town in South Australia’s Outback. Many residents of Coober Pedy, which was established as an opal mining village, now live underground to avoid the extreme heat of the area.

In the summer, temperatures can reach 35 to 45 degrees in the shade, driving more than half of the town’s 4000 residents underground, where temperatures remain steady.

The underground Catholic Church of St Peter and Paul was built. Coober Pedy is a town in the Australian state of South Australia.

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