‘Spider-Man’ writer says Aunt May was almost too wrinkly to animate

'Spider-Man’ Writer Says Aunt May Was Almost Too Wrinkly To Animate

‘Spider-Man’ writer says Aunt May was almost too wrinkly to animate

Dan Slott worked with Insomniac Games to bring Spider-Man to life, but one character was nearly too difficult to include.

Aunt May has always been a critical part of Peter Parker’s story and why he does what he does. However, she nearly didn’t make it into the Spider-Man video game. This is because her older features were more difficult to animate.

Speaking with Gamesradar, Dan Slott, a Spider-Man comic writer, spoke about his time helping bring the video game version together. He said, “They were telling me the reality of it; according to them, old characters – wrinkly characters – to make them look good and realistic, it takes a big amount of work. Equal to what they could use to create five other characters.”

Slott was adamant that Aunt May featured in Spider-Man. Eventually, they arrived at a compromise, with Slott saying “‘Look, Marisa Tomei isn’t that old. Aunt May doesn’t have to be super wrinkly; she can be less wrinkly.” Marisa Tomei plays Aunt May in the Tom Holland Spider-Man films, and she is far younger than any other incarnation of the character. It seems Insomniac decided to go this route in the end, as the Aunt May featured in the game is far younger than the one featured in the Tobey McGuire Spider-Man films and even in Slott’s comics.

Last month, a graphic designer decided to use the Spider-Man game to recreate three movie posters released starring the web-slinger. One comes from Tobey McGuire’s stint, one from Andrew Garfield’s, and another from Tom Holland. All three posters looked very similar to the originals and were created entirely using in-game images combined with the skilful use of photoshop.

In other news, a new trailer for Darkest Dungeon 2 shows new 3D gameplay and animations coming with the sequel.

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