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I recommended Ronaldo to Arsenal & Spurs they didn’t listen to me


We’ve all dreamt of having one of the worlds’ best players at our own clubs, but for Arsenal and Tottenham it could have been a reality.

The two sides haven’t done badly in recent years and have had a number of top players plying their trade in North London, but what they would give to have had a player such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to one former scout, this could have been the case.

Ronny Rosenthal made his name playing with clubs such as Liverpool, Tottenham and Watford, but he could have been the man to bring the Portuguese star to London.

He was working as a talent scout at the time when he came across the young star playing for Sporting Lisbon.

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Telling the story to The Athletic, he said: “Where do I start?

“There are hundreds of players that if the clubs had listened… one of the ones I’ll never forget is Cristiano Ronaldo, who I saw because I was going a lot to Portugal at that time.”

Digging through his database of of potential targets, Rosenthal said: “Okay, here it is.

“Ronaldo made his debut for Sporting Lisbon in August 2002, and I started watching him a month or so after that. I recommended him to Arsenal, Tottenham and others. But they didn’t follow it up.

“I could have been very rich… very rich!”

You certainly could, Ronny. Not only that but you could have been one of the most popular men in North London.

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