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Stop Destroying The Life Of Your Children Through The Following Ways

Many parents are unaware that the following methods will be used to destroy their children’s lives.

If you are a father, please read this article all the way through. I spent some time researching the many aspects in which many parents unintentionally jeopardize their children’s futures. And if you do these things, you feel you are encouraging them to stay ignorant of the fact that they are doing so. One way for parents to disregard their child’s life is to.

1. Being familiar with your children, whether they be male or female, regardless of their age.

It’s not funny so many couples nowadays do what they can do while they’re alone in the company of their children who feel they’re still young. They are not little children; even a one-year-old child’s brain registers what you do in their presence.

2. You will wow them by dressing up in front of them.

When a teenager was caught playing his d*ck to make himself happier and they asked him why, he started to get the impression that his mother might dress in his presence when he was too little, and that she would even order him to help her zip.

3. By encouraging adult males and females to share a bed. When their parents are no longer around, the children of the same mother know each other carnally, which is no longer news. If parents wish to protect their children and the future, they must address this issue as soon as possible before it spirals out of reach.

4. By listening to your children in a non-native tongue.

If you’re unsure of your grammar as a parent, it’s not enough to speak English to your children at home; instead, leave them with the English they’re used to at school. I’m just trying to make you aware that a vast amount of children fail to communicate efficiently in English. They speak to them in a language that differs from the English they learn at school. What a baffling case.

5. By instilling in the children unhealthy beliefs such as deceit, cheating, disrespecting the aged, and disobeying their parent or mother, to name a couple.

6. Allowing them to choose their own group of mates.

Many parents have done a decent job of parenting their children and putting them on a course to righteousness, but when they reach their early adolescence, they are affected by their peers and surrender to temptation despite recognizing it is not the right path. Also the most well-behaved children, like a moral, disciplined human, are made of flesh and can slip into sin.

Kids aren’t especially intelligent. They are also learning about the consequences of bad decisions. They need care and instruction until they are about twenty years old, often a little older. By the time they graduate from college, children have gained the capacity to differentiate between right and wrong. Explain spring break at the beach or fraternity initiations if you don’t agree with the evaluation. What a disaster!

It all begins at a very young age. You must choose and protect your children’s social circle. Enrolling the children in daycare, nursery, or first grade is the easiest way to throw them forever. You will lose power of their mates, and they will become part of the social pool, ultimately being relegated to the lowest common denominator. Your child is swimming in shit whether he or she shares a pool with other children, even if only one of them has pooped in the water. While a few decent kids do not keep the water safe, one poor kid pollutes it for everybody. I don’t recall any of the good students in third grade, but there were a lot of bad students that I can never forget. Their obscene words and acts have stuck with me to this day.

It all begins at a very young age. You must carefully choose and protect your children’s social circle.

This is most definitely the most difficult thing a parent would do. Sifting your social network takes a lot of time and commitment, as well as extreme diligence. There will be days that your children do not understand, and there will be times when other parents are upset, but a mother hen should still protect her chicks from foxes and coyotes. To protect your children, you may need to make certain lifestyle changes. Even though it is uncomfortable, a chicken that has roosted under a chicken hawk nest needs to travel. If your church is full of high school students, you will need to have your children close to you at all times and not encourage them to get close to a public school student. In such an environment, limiting a teenager’s social interaction becomes difficult. They shouldn’t have to pick or remove others from their circle of acquaintance on a daily basis. Find a righteous and positive social circle where you don’t have to worry about 25 teens coming together to play soccer or go roller skating.

Keep in mind that they will progress from you having their whole social network to making their own decisions. You won’t be able to monitor them until they reach the age of autonomy, so you’ll have to teach them how to choose their mates wisely. And there will come a day when what you think will be irrelevant. Train them until they’re ten years old, and you’ll be able to rely on them when they’re twenty.

7. Eventually, if you don’t give your children any responsibilities or keep them responsible, you will kill them.

Keep in mind that the main ingredient is “without struggling.” The origin is either ignorance or preoccupation. It is founded on the illusion that it will turn out well in the end. When you work under the presumption that your children are doomed to fail until you take constructive steps and do certain things even better than the normal mom, you are ideally suited to the role of teaching them.

All people have a responsibility to act responsibly, and transparency is an unavoidable consequence of living in a community where the concept of cause and effect is well understood. When there are two people in a room, one is responsible for his acts to the degree that they will influence the other, and the rule of love keeps us accountable for the well-being of our neighbor. “Let no one pursue his own riches [to advance himself], but rather let each man seek the wealth of others” (1 Corinthians 10:24). Assist your neighbor in growing his or her income.

You should assign responsibility to your children in proportion to their abilities. A infant who can walk should be held accountable for gathering up his dirty clothes and putting them in the laundry bin, as well as washing up spills and returning his toys and books to their proper positions. Any future responsible behavior will be founded upon this framework.

They should be responsible for doing their equal share of household tasks as they get older. When they take their boots and shoes off outside, they should be held accountable for keeping up with them. If a child removes his sneakers, he may be required to work in order to obtain the funds necessary to purchase a used pair at a thrift shop. When he needs to pay the price for his irresponsibility, even a five-year-old understands the importance of good conduct. When a teenager kicks a ball through a window, he should be liable for the cost of repair.

When you hold others accountable for how they treated their responsibilities, you warrant and expect accountability. They are not liable if you do not keep them accountable. It is much easier to do it ourselves, but the children must understand, and it is our responsibility to be engaged for their sakes.

A great principle has hit me. The children who are held most responsible for their acts are the happiest, most confident in love, and most grounded in good will. One act of kindness at a time teaches you to respect your neighbor.

There should have been a list of ten or fifteen ways parents accidentally kill their children, but six is about all we can take in one sitting. When the Bible says, “Train up a boy in the direction he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” I always believe it (Proverbs 22:6).

I understand that there is a trend to deny that the verse was influenced by the Holy Spirit, but the truth remains that when they are well taught, they stay that way until they are aged. My wife and I are both good examples of proper preparation. My five children were raised in the correct manner, and I now see that all twenty of my grandchildren (with more on the way) are being raised in the same manner. I anticipate a steady stream of 100 percent favorable outcomes, just as God promised. I would not lower the bar, and you should not lower your standards as a result of others’ bad results.

It is impossible in today’s society to “train up a child in the way he should go,” and some very decent and genuine parents struggle, not for a lack of personal righteousness or for a lack of trying, but for a lack of raising their children in the way they should go. Those that fail should not reject the norm, but rather accept their inability to adequately prepare. They will determine the causes for their loss and give guidance to parents who are already in the process of raising their children.

Finally, don’t give up if you have young children that are already in the process but your oldest son has been a failure. In a humble tone, inquire as to where you went wrong with your wayward son. It doesn’t matter what you said, what you did, or what you meant; what matters is what he thought and thought. If you can’t let go of your anger and bitterness toward him or your spouse, and if you can’t humble yourself enough to listen to him rather than condemning him, then there’s no hope for the rest of your children.

I’ve seen families lose their first child to the world, then use it as a wake-up call to re-energize their hearts and efforts, protecting their other children from the same fate. And if you failed with your first child, the promise remains valid, and you can confidently “train up a child in the direction he should go,” trusting that “he would not break from it.”

Thank you for taking the time to read; the issues addressed here will be used to make good changes and make critical decisions. Please leave a comment below and spread the news about this post to as many people as possible.

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