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Strange Animal That Usually Appears At Night & Cries Like A Baby To Lure People Out Finally Caught

This animal was later caught in a construction site near a school today.

Although, there are speculation that the said animal could be what they call ‘bush baby’ according to residence. But when we arrived there, i presumed that the animal was a sloth because of how slow it is.

It is surprising because this animal is strange and hasn’t been found in Nigeria before. It is very firm grip with the limbs and the teeth. It bites hard and can be able to kill a kid below twelve years if confronted aggressively.

The residents in that community accused the animal to be bush baby. They said it only appears in the mid night, sometimes it makes a strange noise in other to lure them out probably to attack them. They even wanted to kill this beautiful animal before i came and stopped them.

What they don’t understand is that this animal i presumed to be sloth is more active at night by nature. The sounds they normally make are natural, more like a cry, and i don’t think it came to kill the residents, instead it came to look for food but could only attack if it feel threatened.

Like i said, i’m only presuming. So please if you know about this animal above, feel free to share your taught.

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