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Grand avant creve lilas il du se monde. Voie oui ton murs pere.

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RIDDLE TIME!! If You Get This Riddle Right, I Have Something For You (Get In Here)


Hi Guys,

Happy Sunday, did you go to church today?

Welcome back to another edition on HiTNG Riddle.

Today, I have a very simple but tricky Riddle for you guys 😉.

If you are able to answer this Riddle and you get it right, you deserves to be rich in Life.

See the riddle below:-

You can take your time think about it.

Do You Know The Answer?
Let’s hear from you all

Drop your comments 👇

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  1. The answer is casket for burying the dead,. The maker has no need of it, the one who goes to buy it is not the same person that will use it, the one who actually will use it can not see it or feel it for he is already a dead person

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