“Thank God My Mother Is Finally Dead, She Was A Very Wicked Woman” – Lady Rejoices Over Her Mother’s Death

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A Nigerian lady took to social media to rejoice and thank God that her mother had died.

Strange as it was, many persons asked her why she is rejoicing at her mum’s death instead of being sober and she said she was raped by her mother’s husband, her step-father for 8 years and her mother who knew about it did nothing.

Read her account below

“When I was 12 years old, I was raped by my step-father and I told my mum and she told me not to spoil her happiness but to continue doing what would make my stepfather happy. My mother was so happy that she had a husband but she didn’t care about me or care about what was happening to me.

This man had his way with me for 8 years until he divorced my mother and relocated abroad.

I never forgave my mother and she died last month. LOL

She is going to hell and I pray that she is sent to Lucifer’s personal chamber in hell. My whole family is saying that I should attend her burial but I don’t want to go.

Even the man she abandoned and ignored me for heard that she died and he didn’t even call to sympathize.

Will I regret it if I don’t see her body or go for her burial ceremony?”

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