The Bags President Buhari's Security Detail Were Carrying In Imo State Are Ballistic Bulletproof Briefcases

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The bags President Buhari’s security detail were carrying in Imo state are ballistic bulletproof briefcases

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The bags President Buhari

The bags President Muhammadu Buhari’s security detail were carrying in Imo state has been found to be ballistic bulletproof briefcases. 


The ballistic briefcase is a discreet close protection, rapid deployment solution which can be unfolded with one hand to provide a sizeable line of defense for ballistic and fragmentation threats.


It is said to be a notable aspect for VVIP daily lives and provides un-obtrusive ballistic protection, against life threatening rifle ammunition, while being escorted or being hand carried by a high net worth individual or a VVIP. It provides full frontal protection and can also serve as a shield while in a transit vehicle or on foot in public.


Here are photos and videos below…………


The bags President Buhari

The bags President Buhari

The bags President Buhari

The bags President Buhari

The bags President Buhari


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  1. Was he expecting a war or something, this man no be buhari again na stick, see face and body, na those 6 people wey go dey wlc him I shame for dem

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