“The hatred is real” – Kaduna politician, Munira Suleiman Tanimu reveals a woman removed her name from list of women speaking at a political event

Kaduna politician, Honourable Munira Suleiman Tanimu, has revealed that someone she holds in high regard had her name removed from the list of women speaking at a political event set to hold in Abuja on Tuesday. 


The humanitarian, who ran for the office of Member, Kaduna State House of Assembly representing Lere East Constituency, stated this on Monday, while reacting to a post about Nollywood actor, Ibrahim Suleiman in which he revealed that a friend blocked him from getting a role. HERE


The entrepreneur also revealed that she had similar experience during Goodluck Jonathan’s regime. 


“These kind of people are everywhere! I also found out that my name has been removed from the list of women speaking at a political event tomorrow in Abuja,” she wrote


“The hatred is real. I’m highly disappointed in her, she knows herself ( somebody I have high regards for), and the worst part is they cook up stories just to make you look bad in the eyes of people that will help you in life, forgetting that God is in control.


“This has been the story of my life, from the day I joined politics. I remember how during Jonathan regime, how some group of women working under the former Vice Presidents wife’s office were always removing my name for any political movement happening in Abuja or in my state.


“It’s sad that these people don’t even know you personally and they are always against you. I depend on Allah SWT, HE is sufficient for me. When my time comes, nobody, I repeat NOBODY can stop me….! You can stop people, but you cannot stop GOD “


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