The ‘Lekki Toll Gate’ Massacre and What It Means for Nigeria, Soldiers Or Not They Were Sent By Politician


A new wave of power started in Nigeria at the beginning of October 2020, when the protests of #ENDSARS started trending on social media( Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc)..

SAS mean (Special anti robbery squad) is one of the Nigeria police force. It’s a special anti squad assigned for a special task.

This unit are to carry out there operation on robbery or special robbery investigation, but they are now operating outside there assignment task and series of accusations were laid on them such as :- killing of innocent people, ( especially the youth), sudden disappearance of our youth, different kind of assaults on both gender ( Male and Female). Youth have no right to walk freely on the street again if you’re okay especially having dreadlocks, using big phone (iPhone), laptop, driving a car, tinted hair, tattoo, crazy jeans trousers and so on.

So with all this there brutality, youth stand against them that all this brutality must end with ash tag ( #Endsars, #Endpolicebrutality).
All this was started on social media like play social media influencers, celebrities came to turn it to reality as people gathered themselves together, group by group and started protesting throughout the 36 states in Nigeria plus the Abuja (FCT).

The protests that started with #EndSARS, #Endpolicebrutality now turn to a serious reality that they tag as #Endbadgovernment. This affect every sector economy to a stage that there was a total lockdown in some state in Nigeria.

As the protests continue, here comes a bad day that people tag as #BlackTuesday. A day that every Nigerian especially youth will never forget.

A day Nigerian was murdered.
On the 20th of October 2020, our brothers, sisters, children were killed due to the protests at Lekki toll gate with Nigeria flag in there hand singing the national anthem.
Soldier were sent to Lekki toll gate to shot down all the protesters in Lekki toll gate, we didn’t known the person that order the soldiers out for such task.
Till today no investigation as been made to know who sent the soldiers but according to the reports online, it was said that some politicians sent them I won’t mention names, that day HiTNG reports that Former lagos governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu fled to France but debunked the reports even with video evidence.

What we called a peaceful protests now turn to bloody and the great Nigeria youth stood up on there feet that they wount give up or back off until there is change in the government.

After all this clash on Tuesday 20/10/20202. This bring out a lot of issue among the citizen of Nigeria and there leaders, and some hidden things as been link out with all what is happening in Nigeria for example the palliative food.

This food is for the citizen in Nigeria during the covid 19 issue but this food was not distributed in some state am not mentioning any state here, so all this food was loot out and people are packing all this food stuff.
Nigerian youth have wake up they are ready to end anything like #EndSARS, #Endpolicebrutality, #Endbadgovernment we move✊✊…

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