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The Remains Of A Lady Has Been Found After Being Missing For Over 3 Months

Although a lot of people and statistics may suggest that we are now living past the days of the kidnapping and disappearing of woman truth is we are not we are just turning a blind eye to those cases lately.

For example.There was a woman whom her pictures were once all over facebook and other social media platforms after she went went missing and her friends and family was asking for help in finding her again.If you still remember this case the lady was allerged to be from the matipane village.

Although a case of a missing person gas been opened ever since she went awol.It is sad that 3 months has come and gone ever since she has been missing and she was only found today and they actually found her remaining

What happned here is that they police were told about the body of a deseaced which was wrapped in a plastic bag and when they arrived they collected the remaining to do some DNA which linked the remaining to the lady.

With things being this bad let us all go and be on the lookout whenever someone is repeatedly missing it is really bad to recover someone in this state.


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