There Is No Need To Go Church Again If This Is In The Bible

There Is No Need To Go Church Again If This Is In The Bible

There Is No Need To Go Church Again If This Is In The Bible
Going to church is one of the major schedule every Christian adds to his her activities. We all know going to church is just to draw closer to our maker and confess our sins to Him for forgiveness and sanctification.

Am really in a shock state after I found this strange scripture in the Bible. I have been thinking about it for a long time and has decided to share it with you guys. We all know every Christian is entitled to read his or her bible often to guide his steps in the world.

I woke up reading my morning Bible and I came across a verse that somehow supports murdering and favoritism. Let’s just go straight to the point and discuss about it. Deutromomy 25:11-12 this is the verse I found confusing. It reads;Read The Full Information Here


  1. I don’t see anything that demands not going to church here. Or are u forced to go.
    Please don’t waste our precious time on rubbish

  2. Please my dear, don’t be deceived, remember that law was given by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ (John 1:17) God was dealing with them according to the law and that time it was eye for eye and tooth for tooth, that means, do me and I will do you and will be pleased. But now grace said, that you should not kill and you
    should render evil to no man but to love one another as Christ has loves you.

  3. You are not serious, u read the bible and concluded that there is no God. Bcos that is the end point of what u are saying.
    If u are confused u wouldn’t have said No need to go to church.

  4. Coming to your quotation of Deuteronomy 25:11_12,pls note that laws were given to the Jews because of their hardness of heart to obey the God who chose them from other nations. But first I thank God for you finding time to study scripture. See whatever you find written in scripture is good of man but know from today that bible is never historical,classical ,intellectual or archaeological writings of is rather God’s breathed spirit put down for man to understand the good intentions of God to his created and highest being (Man)so that man can receive the highest possible blessings from when next you study scripture,first pray the Holy Spirit to teach and open your eyes to that specific instruction of God to you that particular time and purpose. Every other contrary intentions could lead to trouble or destruction

  5. Pls let the writer not be deceived. Jesus Christ is a real personality not a fabricated character as he assumed.there are several instances his father in heaven gave testimony or witness of jesus’s sonship.
    1.When after his baptism at river Jordan by John the Baptist .mathew 3:16_17
    2.When jesus took three (3) of Apostles to mount of transfiguration .mathew 17:1_6
    These is just few examples of the reality of the person of Jesus I pray God open your heart to see and receive him into your life and stop joking with a serious matter as Salvation and eternal reality of human existence

  6. Allah’s religion? I rather become an atheist than to bombing and killing innocent people in the name of doing the will of blood thirsty God in Arab.

  7. How many hands has been removed like that of Sharia law? Christianity is guided by the holy spirit and you need the holy Spirit for deep understanding of the scripture.

  8. I love what Bible say in what you qoute out here it is high time for u that have not accept Jesus as ur personal Lord and savior repent for the kingdom of Lord is near

  9. Love is the way of God,let’s just love one another and forget all.By loving life,we will accomplish the mission of why Adam was created.

  10. Bible is not a story book you need to accept Jesus Christ and be a born again Christian with HOLY SPIRIT in you to read and have correct interpretation of the scripture. Satan also understand the Bible, he can give you his own interpretation. May God Almighty open your mind . Amen.

  11. insight
    crime and punishment
    strict justice was enforced by the law of talion or retaliation, like for like, where injuries were deliberately inflicted. (de 19:21) there is at least one recorded instance of the execution of this penalty. (jg 1:6, 7) but the judges had to determine on the basis of the evidence whether the crime was deliberate or was due to negligence or accident, and so forth. an exception to the law of retaliation was the law dealing with a situation in which a woman tried to help her husband in a fight by grabbing hold of the privates of the other man. in this case, instead of her reproductive organs being destroyed, her hand was to be amputated. (de 25:11, 12) this law demonstrates god’s regard for the reproductive organs. also, since the woman was owned by a husband, this law mercifully took into consideration the right of the husband to have children by his wife.


  12. If you are ignorant of the Bible don’t teach it because you will attract God’s judgement for yourself. God has three sets of laws in the old testament. (1) The ten commandments (2) ordinances. Law of sacrifices and (3) is the law of judgement which is eye for eye tooth for tooth reading in the of Matthew 5: Jesus said he did not come to change the law which is the ten commandments but changed the law of judgement and ordinances it was the reason the woman that committed adultery in John 8 was not stoned to death

  13. Deuteronomy 25:11-12 talks about cheating or acts of cheating it lays emphasis on the weight of cheating but I suggest you meet your Pastor or someone who is ahead of you in the faith to put you through, that’s not a reason to stop going to Church my brother.

  14. God is still God and No Man on Earth can judge HIM I repeat myself No Man; Young man, I advise you to repent from your wickedness, I believe strongly that you are planning to use this portion as a cover up in- orther to commit sin,in my life I have never seen a man in judging God, who are you to use God words to judge,go back to the quotation and use orther Bible’s read again, if you don’t understand it then go to people’s you know that can teach you to your understanding, if you are not coming to church it’s doesn’t God can raise the stones onthe earth to praise HIMSELF, REPENT NOW before it is too late. blessed be the Name of the Lord.

  15. You have always known that such exist in the text. This is just an opportunity to get it it off your chest. It has been there and God has a reason why He let it be writen. One question did the church exit when that text was being written? If you say no then something like a bud circuit could be at work. Can you show the word Chuck in the book of Deuteronomy that you are trying to hing on?

  16. You can’t understand the scripture if you are cannaly minded ,pray before you read the bible .Ask for the spirit of God to come help you understand his word .

    1. The man is a fake. According to the Bible text quoted, it says, cut off the hand. It did not say kill. Does cutting off the hand always results in death? The first victim of sharia law enforcement in Zamfara, whose hand was cut off is still alive.

  17. This is the work of a lost soul.
    What connects the images circled in the photo above with the Bible?
    The book on which those images were circled is a dictionary and not a Bible, so what is the connection?
    This on its own exposes the emptiness in the soul of that individual.
    I am very sure this person is a muslim just trying to cast aspersion on CHRIST if not he would have known to read the surrounding scriptures first or compare with other scripture in order to get clear meaning.
    You are cherry picking scripture separately and working of satan, but you know all CHRIST stood for and all He taught and did.
    Did your prophet do such? Did he not do the opposite?
    Who are those killin people everywher, who are the terrorists?
    You are just to foolish to think this will make any sense.
    I would advice all the muslims to read their quorans with open heart for in it they will find that their prophets points to JESUS as saviour and LORD, and ask them to believe in Him as the giver of life.
    Don’t put your soul in jeopardy by kicking against the rock of ages rather surrender to him and be saved.

  18. Am ivan 4m kla translation ov Bible verses in old t’nt a abit complicated 4 sam Bible readerz 2 undastan so join us at PAG SirAm ivan 4m kla translation ov Bible verses in old t’nt a abit complicated 4 sam Bible readerz 2 undastan so join us at PAG Sir.

  19. Islamic even worse, those who a persecuting innocent pole across the world are them and they do it in the name of Allah.ooups

  20. Might be u misunderstood the scripture en if it iz old testament today iz .com y mind of old we go for new testament n 4 us we are christians meaning christs followers, u never have christs name in the old testament but only prediction of his coming.

      1. Someone calling Islam a rightful religion in my simple understanding a so called prophet who marries a 6year old young girl then have sex with her wen she’s just nine God save yo people and give them wisdom

  21. Your vardict on the stated bible verse may deeply deplet your good relationship with mighty creator a proven universal church catholic

  22. What u have to know is that spiritual words are different from other words. So interprete the bible in a spiritual way not as the way you would think as u.

  23. The bible doesn’t contradicts neither does it confuses people. Read the surounding verses, you’ll find what it is all about. Orelse, compare to other verses like Exodus.20:13, Revelation.21:8 and many other verses, you’ll find accurate knowledge. Thanks.

  24. Am Namajje Yahaya in Mbale district,Uganda.Many of the christian denominations or cults are called faiths,but not religions,so,that is why am imploring you to join the only truthful.honest and loved religion of the Almighty Creator Allah called Islam.You are most welcome!

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