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This Man Chukwudi Chukwu, Is Wanted By Enugu Police For Beheading His Mum, He Ran Away Since Sunday Last Week

A Man Beheads His Mother In Enugu

A young man, Chukwudi Chukwu, from Egwu Achi in Oji River beheaded his mother and ran away since Sunday. The police are on the look out for him. In case, you see him, notify the police.! May we never give birth to kids that will bring us destruction in Jesus name

May she rest in peace. Bomboyi, so shall your children kill you in your next world. 

This woman had every opportunity to kill this bastard of a son yet she suffered passed Through Labour and  birthed this evil  son who ended up wasting her life

And the day this one was given birth to, everyone was happy that a child was brought into the world. May our children never be a disaster to us Amen

The native doctors are not wicked because he who goes to the shrine/evil forest in the secret have one thing in mind which is to kill. Just know this, the devil will never exchange iron to iron he exchanges sand to gold he gives you stone and takes diamond from you fortunately our youths want quick diamond without knowing fully well that they’re being deceived

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