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This Man Raped 3- Months Baby, Destroyed Her Intestine And Private Area

The baby’ s anus hole and v! rg! na hole torn and linked together during the forceful intercourse. Surgeon said part of her intestine is damaged too so she will need multiple surgery procedures to fix that up.

Isn’ t that too bad for a three months old baby to experience? A man entered the room, took her phone, took her sleeping baby along with him and this woman did not know, she was so carried away with the sweetness of the sleep and she only noticed her baby was missing when she woke up in the middle of the night.

Before well wishers and lovers got into bushes with their torchlight and motor cycle in search of the girl, a 27 years old man had raped the girl brutally, damaging her organs and make away with the woman’ s phone.

The baby was found in an uncompleted building with her panties removed and thrown to one side, blood was rushing out of her, she couldn’ t even cry anymore.

Though, the rapist was arrested after The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has arrested a 27 year old man, Ahmadu Yaro who was accused of raping a three- month- old baby, Rukayyat Aliyu in Adogi Village in Lafia Local Government areas of Nasarawa State, But the deed was done already.

The baby was rushed to Arab hospital in that region but was rejected then she was taken to to Jos University Teaching Hospital where she was treated and surgeon told her mother she need multiple surgeries before her intestine and holes can be normal again.

Imagine the height of such wickedness, what exactly did a three months old have on her body that arouses this man to raping her? Is this not evil.

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  1. Such person should castrated and left to die a slow but painful death. this is the height of man’s inhumanity to man

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