TikTok and Instagram Videos are Now in Google Search Results

Tiktok And Instagram Videos Are Now In Google Search Results

TikTok, which has become very popular lately, and Instagram, known as the social media giant, managed to attract Google’s attention.

Recently, Google has started to work in order to show TikTok and Instagram videos in search results. TikTok, which is a video platform, and Instagram, which has developed itself in terms of video sharing, complained that only YouTube videos appeared in Google searches. After these complaints, Google decided to come up with a solution to this problem.

Tiktok And Instagram Videos Are Now In Google Search Results

Google has started working on a new upgrade and it is in the process of forming partnerships with the companies. If this agreement is completed, YouTube videos will no longer be the only thing that appears in Google search results. Instagram and TikTok videos will also be included in Google search results.

The idea of TikTok and Instagram videos appearing in Google search results is not considered for the first time. In the recent past, there was an attempt to make an agreement, but unfortunately, it was unable to get the intended result. We hope that this time, we will witness the results of this agreement and see Instagram and TikTok videos in Google search results!

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