Top 10 TikTok Trends in August 2021

Top 10 Tiktok Trends In August 2021

Top 10 Tiktok Trends In August 2021

TikTok Trends in August 2021 have been quite the challenge to sort through! TikTok has multitudes of trends every single month but August has been one of the most fruitful months. Here are the biggest August TikTok trends that we’ve selected.

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The Latest TikTok Trends in August 2021

One of the biggest TikTok Trends in August:

1. Dom Toretto and Family

This has been one of the biggest TikTok trends in August. It pokes fun at the Fast and Furious franchise’s obsession with “family” and inserts Dom Toretto wherever it can.

2. That Wasn’t Real

Marvel’s Black Widow came out in the last few weeks, and the dynamic between the two sisters has been a huge hit. And the sound from the scene where they argued has been used ironically by the fans. This August TikTok trend is a great opportunity to talk about those things that you just believe to be real.

3. Look at Where You Came From

TikTok simply loved Bo Burnham’s latest Netflix special “Inside”. There has been many creative responses, but this trend stuck around in particular. As the lyrics suggest, this is a trend where you “Look at where you came from, look at you now”, and share your biggest transformation.

4. Running Through the 6 with My Woes

This is one August TikTok trend where you say something, and then do a double take realizing what you’ve just said. In Know Yourself, Drake says “Running through the 6 with my woes” twice, but with more emphasis the second time around. So creators have been using the sound to share their sudden realizations.

5. Freezing Honey

Have you ever tried freezing honey or are you normal? Apparently, it turns into a runny and sticky popsicle. Do I like honey? No, yuck. Do I still want to bite into that sticky mess? You bet.

6. The Olympics

We all loved the thrill of following the Olympics. But what shocked us the most, was realizing the Olympians were actual people. Many were on TikTok, sharing their experiences in the Olympic Village. Both those videos and the ones responding to them became big hits.

7. Baby I’m A Gangster Too

This TikTok trend uses Lana del Rey’s Jealous Girl to talk about those villains in your life for whom you’re a perfect match.

This TikTok Trend in October Hits Too Close Home:

8. I Got Three Looks and That’s It

You think you’re a very deep and multifaceted person? Well guess again, because it turns out most of us are pretty much summed up in just three moods. This is the TikTok trend in August that hit just too close home.

9. Ehe Te Nandayo

Ever wanted to slap the sheesh out of someone for some nonsense behavior? This is where you get to practice that. This sound has two versions, one with the slap and one without. But the version that ends in a slap went on to be a bigger hit.

10. Questions I Get Asked A Lot

What are some questions that you just keep hearing? Real or nonsense, this August TikTok trend lets you showcase the questions you receive. What’s better is that you don’t even have to answer them!

BONUS: Dancing Queen Challenge

The rising platform really loves one-breath singing challenges. The latest edition challenges everyone to take one deep breath and sing an entire verse from Dancing Queen.


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