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Top 10 TikTok Trends in October 2021

Top 10 Tiktok Trends In October 2021

Top 10 Tiktok Trends In October 2021

TikTok Trends in October 2021 have been incredibly creative! Check the latest TikTok trends out!

The Latest TikTok Trends in October 2021

The Biggest TikTok Trend in October 2021:

1. Squid Game

Netflix’s “Squid Game” came out a week ago and it completely broke TikTok. The series became such a hit that everyone’s TikTok feeds were filled to the brim with Squid Game references.

2. Dalgona Candy

One trend that came alongside Squid Game was Dalgona Candy. (And yes, this is the second “Dalgona” trend during the pandemic, following Dalgona Coffee.) Everyone rushed to both make the honeycomb candy and break the shape off in its entirety.

3. Berries and Cream Remixes

Berries and Cream originally broke TikTok in August, but its effects continue through October. One type of content everyone saw multiple times was the remixes made with the Berries and Cream song. (Which, really drove some users to the edge.)

4. Couch Guy

The video, later on named “Couch Guy”, went viral on TikTok halfway through September. Right now, it’s quite difficult to miss out on any of its variants.

One The Foodie TikTok Trends in October 2021

5. Emily Mariko’s Salmon Bowl

The foodie TikToker Emily Mariko microwaved her bowl of salmon and rice with an ice cube, and every other TikToker just had to try it. If you’re looking for something food oriented among all the TikTok trends in October 2021, why not give this a try?

6. Wake Up

The song “Wake Up” by Cheese People has been quite popular on TikTok, and many creators put their own twists on it.

7. I Understood the Assignment

This TikTok trend in October 2021 is for those times when you just nailed what you were supposed to do, even if you did not exactly follow the guidelines.

8. The Two Looks

Do you have a special look that only those closest to you can fully interpret? It can be a scream of happiness or a call for help. Either way, this is where you share them.

9. That’s a Scarecrow

Yet another trend that relies on a sound by Bo Burnham. “That’s a Scarecrow” is the TikTok Trend for everyone who try to use the power of words on their way to the top. If you’ve got a fancy way to say tax evasion, this trend will call you out.

10. I Do It For You

The song “Everything I Do” from Bryan Adams went viral with this TikTok trend again. This trend, also called “shotgun dance” was filmed by many TikTokers.

Bonus TikTok Trends in October 2021: What I’m Doing It For

We all want to give up and quit sometimes… In these times, all we have to do is to remember why we’re working so much. And sometimes, the reason can be a vacuum cleaner.

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